Design of sustainable and structural products

Design of sustainable and structural products


Our mission

Engineering and environment by VESO Concept

With VESO, your product is the result of an eco-design process. We reduce your impact by using bio-based and/or recycled materials.

Thanks to our engineering know-how, we respect your most demanding specifications necessary for the final use. In addition, we carry out our own life cycle analyses (LCA).

Our objective is to democratize the use of ecological materials by assisting companies in the design of a new object or semi-product.

Our services


3D Design



Our projects



Development of recycled carbon solutions in the aeronautics industry. This project is part of the EU-funded CleanSky programme.



Development of a new range of hybrid off-road vehicles with bodywork in eco-designed composite materials for the Belgian automotive racing team Apache Automotive.

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Talking about us

VESO at Aeroscopia museum

On 14th and 15th of October 2023, VESO was at the Aeroscopia Museum for the Science Festival, with a focus on sports and flight activities. During these event, 2 visitors got the chance to win unique biobased and patented tennis table rackets.

Scientific publications

Analysis of life cycle of the MANIFICA project’s materials

A research article which analysed the life cycle of recycled carbon fibres used in the frame of the european project MANIFICA, with details about each step of this valorization process.