Design of sustainable and structural products
Our mission

Our mission

Our mission

We reduce your environmental impact by meeting your specifications


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Environmental issues are becoming more and more present in our daily lives, especially in the business world. Adapting to the ecological transition is becoming essential for your long-term survival. Since our creation in 2008, we have been tackling this issue head on. When designing our customers’ products, we develop more environmentally friendly biocomposite materials. In addition to the material, we also take into account the reduction of toxicity during manufacture, transport and energy consumption throughout the product’s life cycle.


From aircraft cockpits to car parts and racing bikes, we have been developing our expertise for our customers since 2008. Beyond environmental objectives, as a company you are confronted with usage and cost issues. Indeed, the final product must correspond to specific characteristics, sometimes being exposed to significant physical constraints.

Combining scientific research, engineering, environment and technology, our team enables you to develop new, more responsible solutions while respecting your technical and economic specifications.

A part with a better ecological footprint does not have to suffer a reduction in its ability to withstand physical stress. At VESO, our multidisciplinary skills enable us to study your project in order to achieve optimal objectives in terms of performance and environmental impact.