Design of sustainable and structural products
They are talking about us

They are talking about us

They are talking about us

JEC Composite Magazine

Following its victory in the 2024 Africa Eco Race, the APH-01 is set to conquer the 2025 Dakar. This is an opportunity for VESO to detail the development of the bodywork, in this JEC article. The marketing of the vehicle by Apache Automotive demonstrates skills and expertise.

Europe vu d’ici : Composites materials coming from carbon scrap

For the European MANIFICA project, in partnership with other organizations, Veso Concept’s mission is to develop composite materials based on carbon waste from the aeronautics industry.

VESO Concept joins the French Fab

The French Fab, launched on 2nd of octobrer 2017, gathers companies, economical players, institutions and industrial sites based in France which recognize themselves in the willingness to develop French industry.

Biobased or recycled composites, materials of the future

An interview with our CEO David Hardy for Usine Nouvelle to present VESO Concept’s business and the challenges of biosourced and recycled composite materials for tomorrow’s mobility.

A winning eco-design approach

After one year of audit and analyses, our eco-design approach is awarded by a video focus from ADEME’s marketing service.

Apache, the rallye-raid car 4.0

Hybrid motorization, biosourced and/or recycled composites materials for body-car, APACHE is a real technological challenge !

Biosourced materials for the aeronautic of tomorrow

XP Chibane podcast with David Hardy, CEO of VESO Concept, who talks about the company’s work and possible applications in the aeronautical field.

VESO partner of the Industry 4.0

In 2023, VESO Concept joined the Solution Providers Club– Industry 4.0 of CCI France. This community was created in order to facilitate the appropriation of the Industry 4.0 by companies and to support them in this transformation.

VESO at Aeroscopia musuem

On October 14 and 15, 2023, VESO was present at the Aeroscopia Museum for the Fête de la Science, on the topic of “sportive growing”. On this occasion, 2 visitors were able to win unique patented biosourced ping-pong rackets.

Workshop “Composite materials and sustainable solutions: from design to end of life”

On 24 November 2020, more than 100 people attended the Webinar “Composite materials and sustainable solutions: from design to end of life” organized by ADI N-A and Atlantic Cluster.

VESO Concept winner of the SME instrument

Read Enterprise Europe Network’s article on our project submission to the SME instrument.

Paris Air Show 2015

VESO Concept nominated and awarded at the 2015 Paris Air Show.

Hyxion concept

Discover the Hyxion sports car concept, with a chassis made of biocomposite materials.